Boats, RV's & Motorcycles

Boat/Yacht/RV- Complete Detail- starting at $30 per linear foot

  • Includes washing & waxing the exterior
  • Machine Buff & polish exterior, painted surfaces
  • Clean all windows & surfaces
  • Vacuum interior
  • Spot clean carpets & upholstery to remove stains
  • Clean & condition leather/vinyl
  • Wipe down all gauges, cup holders, tables, ect.
  • Clean Bedrooms, Bathrooms, ect.
*Extra charge if paint is oxidized
*Extra charge for double decks
*Extra charge for mold removal
Boat/Yacht/RV- Exterior Only- starting at $20 per linear foot
Boat/Yacht/RV- Interior Only - starting at $20 per linear foot
Motorcycle/4 wheeler/Jet ski-
Complete Detail-$95   
•Complete hand wash of exterior
•Degrease wheels and tires
•Clean all glass and mirrors
•Polish and dress wheels and tires
•Complete hand wax of exterior and chrome with true Carnauba Wax
•Deep Cleaning and conditioning of leather seat and all leather surfaces
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