Hand Wash & Vac- To get your car clean without the damaging brushes from the car wash
30-45 min
• Foam bath/Hand wash
• clean wheels, rims & tires
• clean door jams, windows & mirrors
• vacuum interior (extra charge for pet hair)
Small SUV/Truck/ Crossover-$60
Large SUV/Truck/ Minivan- $65

Express Full Detail- To quickly make your car stand out from the rest
1.5-2 Man Hours (2 man crew= 1 hour avg.)
• Includes Basic Hand Wash Package Plus:
• Wax & Machine Buff exterior using true Carnauba wax
• Tire shine 
• Wipe down center console
• Clean & shine Dashboard
• Vacuum seats, cracks/crevices (extra charge for pet hair)
Small SUV/Truck/ Crossover-$169
Large SUV/Truck/ Minivan- $179

Premium Full Detail- To get your car back to show room condition or better. BEST SELLER!!! 
3-4 Man Hours (2 man crew= 2 hrs avg)
• Includes Basic Hand Wash Package plus:
• Extensive Bug & tar removal from front bumper & front panels
• Wax exterior and chrome with true Carnauba Wax & seal
• Machine Buff exterior to remove light surface scratches 
• Clean wheel wells, dress tires & trim (tire shine)
• Vacuum 2X
• Deep Clean & shampoo carpets & floor mats
• Clean & condition leather/vinyl
• Blow out all vents & other areas that can not be reached by hand
• Clean & shine all gauges, ashtray, center console, dash, knobs, ect.
• Vacuum trunk
• Spot treat headliner
• Minor pet hair removal (extra charge for excessive pet hair)
• Spot stain removal & odorize if needed
Great for Military shipping & storage!
Small SUV/Truck/ Crossover-$230
Large SUV/Truck/ Minivan- $245
Exterior Only Detail
1-2 Man Hours
All Exterior services listed in Premium Package above
Small SUV/Truck/ Crossover-$140
Large SUV/Truck/ Minivan- $150

Interior Only Detail
1-2 Man Hours
All Interior services listed in Premium Package above
Coupes w/ no back seat-$130
Coupe with back seat/Sedan-$140
Small SUV/Truck/Crossover-$150
Large SUV/Truck/Minivan- $160
Restoration Package- For severely distressed vehicles-
All Day Job
Includes Premium full detail plus:
•Shampoo seats
Excessive stain removal
•Clay bar treatment for tree sap/spores/tar/residue (as needed)
•3- stage paint correction for scratch & swirl mark removal (as needed)
•Exterior trim reconditioning
•Headlight restoration
•Engine Cleaning
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Additional Services- (Must be added to a package)
  • Engine Cleaning- $50
  • Headlight Restoration- $25 per headlight or taillight/ $40 for 2/ $75 for 4
  • Shampoo fabric seats- $25 for coupes (2 seats), $40 for 2 rows/ $50 for 3 rows
  • Bumper sticker removal- $5 per sticker
  • Ceramic Pro Rain (windshield Protector)- $99
  • Clay Bar treatment- $30 per panel
  • Compounding- $30 per panel
  • Excessive Pet Hair removal- $35 to $50
  • Paint over-spray/transfer removal- $25 per panel
  • Ceramic Pro Fabric Protector- Starting at $150
  • Ceramic Pro Leather Protector- Starting at $150
  • Paint Sealer- (Jet Seal- up to 12 months of paint protection) Starting at $100


*Extra charge for over-sized vehicles including but not limited to conversion vans, passenger vans, cargo vans.

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